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“White privilege” has become a buzzphrase in today's dialogues about culture and identity. However, white—like any other color—encompasses an entire lived culture, not just a fixed estimation of power.

Blink believes that reducing whiteness to privilege is an error that causes a ripple effect of misunderstanding: beyond misrepresenting white identity and culture, the oversimplification implies that “of color” is synonymous with “oppressed”. These misinterpretations limit race relations to an absolute and caricatured dichotomy of abusers and their abused. No wonder then, conversations about race mire in apology and accusation.

Blink aspires to deconstruct the notion that white is a color without a culture and, in doing so, to further understandings of the experiences of diverse peoples. In order to see ourselves and each other clearly, Blink advocates the examination of white privilege within the context of white culture. It is time to consider the whole canvas, not just the brushstrokes that catch our eyes.
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