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“Alison is genuinely committed to equity and justice work. Alison has an uncanny ability to meet people where they are, create a safe space for sometimes difficult conversations, and leave people wanting to become better human beings - while inspiring others to do the same. Simply outstanding.”
- Anthony Witte, Middle School Mandarin Teacher, Head Royce School

“By participating in numerous Blink workshops, I have grown personally and professionally; have connected with thought leaders in the Bay Area and beyond; have met colleagues, mentors, and friends who share my commitment to diversity and inclusion along with my true appreciation for Alison's gift as a facilitator and so much more.”
- Betsy Brody, Director, International High School

“Alison Park of Blink Consulting is the most dynamic and thoughtfully engaged diversity consultant that I have worked with during my 15 years in education.”
- James Everitt, Principal, Sacred Heart Schools

“Alison's professionalism, passion and ability to facilitate dialogues among educators in areas of institutional and instructional change are impressive. In short, she rocks!”
- Jesús Ramos, Middle School Dean of Studies, Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton

“Alison is an extraordinary, dynamic, and inspiring diversity educator. She has a remarkable way of making issues many find complex and intimidating accessible to everyone in her audience. She puts people at ease while also encouraging them to examine how they address issues of difference in their schools and in their lives.”
- Lara Mendel, Executive Director, The Mosaic Project

“Alison is a smart, insightful and compassionate educator, facilitator, and consultant. Alison has the rare and invaluable combination of both intellectual and emotional brilliance.”
- Sara Schonwald, Founder and Principal, Listen to Lead

“Alison is an extraordinary educator and school consultant. She has a broad understanding of the complex nature of school cultures and engages with students, faculty, administrators, and parents with grace, intellect, warmth, and a style that inspires both reflection and transformation. Alison has changed the way I think, and she is often requested as a resource by faculty.”
- Stacey Kertsman, Director of the Center for Awareness, Compassion, and Engagement at Castilleja School

“I really loved how you raised awareness of things I've never thought about. I also liked all the different facilitation skills you taught us.”
- Educator workshop participant

“You are such a great facilitator AND meta-facilitator. Thanks for examining your own practice aloud!”
- Educator workshop participant

“You set a great tone for learning and risk taking.”
- Educator workshop participant

“What went well for me was the sense of community and collaborative brainstorming that took place in the workshop.”
- Educator workshop participant

“Being in a group that had never met before and seeing how successfully we could produce ideas was pretty powerful. Thank you - we should have more student leadership trainings. This was very helpful.”
- HS student workshop participant

“This was 3,000 times better than the training we did last year.”
- HS student workshop participant

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